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Molten Lava Cake

Molten Lava Cake

This recipe is a fan favorite and a baker’s dream — it’s quick, easy, requires only 5 ingredients, and pleases any chocolate-loving crowd.  As quick as these cakes are to make, they’re devoured even quicker.

If you’re not a fan of dark chocolate, you can sweeten the recipe by using milk chocolate instead of bittersweet.  Customize the presentation with your favorite fruits, or even some ice cream & whipped cream.

Watch the full video recipe for pro tips!

Molten Lava Cake

Yield: 4 cakes

Time: 30 minutes


  • 8 tbsp (1 stick) butter
  • 6 oz bittersweet chocolate
  • 4 eggs (2 whole, 2 yolks only)
  • ¼ C sugar
  • ¼ C flour

Optional, for garnish:

  • ¼ C powdered sugar
  • 1 C raspberries, strawberries, or cherries

Step 1

  • butter
  • flour

Preheat your oven to 450 F.

Prepare 4 ramekins by coating them with butter, then a light dusting of flour (start with about ½ Tbsp of flour per ramekin). 

Place the prepared ramekins on a baking sheet.

Step 2

  • eggs, 4
  • sugar, 1/4 C

Beat the 2 whole eggs, additional 2 egg yolks, and sugar in a medium bowl on high speed.  The egg mixture should grow pale, and become a thicker consistency.

Step 3

  • butter
  • chocolate, 6oz

Melt the butter stick and chocolate together.  A double broiler works best, over simmering water, however a microwave can also do the trick — microwave for 15 second increments, stirring between each run.  Stir until smooth.

Step 4

  • flour, 2 Tbsp

Pour the melted chocolate into the egg mixture and use a folding motion to evenly combine; stir in flour.  

Once combined, use a spoon to evenly fill the prepared ramekins.

Bake for about 10-12 minutes, until the top and sides of the cakes appear set but the centers are gooey.

Let the cakes cool about a minute before plating (watch our video for pro tips).  You can also eat the cakes right out of the ramekins, but make sure to allow enough time for cooling.

Step 5

  • optional garnish

Garnish your cakes with powdered sugar, fruit, or even whipped cream & ice cream.


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