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DIY Stained Glass Door

DIY Stained Glass Door

Welcome!  This is the house where we love, laugh, learn, and lean on each other.  Here, we relax, reflect, and rise up to the calling of our potential.  

These are all the things I wanted to say with our front door.

Seems like a tall order, but when you’re able to build it from scratch — all the way from design to construction, and even installation — then it is possible.

Watch the magic here!


Some people will tell you that I’m drawn to sparkles like a moth to a flame.  And, why not?!  Who ever said we’re supposed to outgrow glitter?  Regardless of what they say, bevels were a MUST in my front door design.  Their simplicity and beauty make bevels a timeless staple in any glass masterpiece.  They cast the most beautiful rainbows across the house.


Building stained glass feels similar to building a complex puzzle.  First, you have to cut all the glass pieces to size, then after cutting hundreds of lead pieces to match up with the glass, you get to fit it all together.

Soldering is a bit tricky.  You have to get the heat and distribution just right, otherwise you could end up with lumpy joints, or in the worst case cracked glass.  Jake’s experience with soldering computer parts came in handy here.

Cleaning the completely constructed glass may arguably be the most rewarding part of the whole process.  By the time the piece is whole, there are fingerprints all over the glass, the lead has oxidized, and remnant putty muddies the design.  Cleaning the piece is like a grand reveal!


Have you ever walked a tight rope, 50 stories high, above a swarm of hungry alligators?  Me neither.  But that’s what installation felt like.  Or at least, I imagine they’re the same feeling…  I held my breath the entire time!

Preparing the door itself wasn’t bad; we could always go buy a new door.  But after countless hours, and pouring blood, sweat, and tears (literally, because glass is sharp and Florida is hot) into the stained glass — it officially became priceless.

Thankfully everything went off without a hitch!  The only thing I thought when I saw sunlight streaming through my new, handmade, designer door was: my cup runneth over!  What a breathtaking sight!

So, welcome!

This is the home where we love, laugh, learn, and lean on each other.  Here, we relax, reflect, and rise up to the calling of our potential.  We’re glad to have you over!

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