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Great Things Take Time

Great things take time

A few months back I got a new horse. Her name is Carousel, but I lovingly call her Carol. She’s a talented, pretty and young warmblood filly, but not broken yet (hasn’t been ridden or sat on). When I got her I knew I was going to be putting in a lot of work to get her under saddle, but to say she’s been a humbling experience is an understatement. After four months of owning her I thought I’d be riding her and a lot further then I am by now. After all, she is not the first horse I’ve broken and brought along, and she will not be the last.

But, no horse is ever ruined because someone took their time with them. Yeah, I could just go balls to the wall, hop on my horse and pray for the best; or I can take my time and respect the fact that my horse needs a slow and steady approach to being backed. My goal here is longevity and a positive working partnership. Things like that take time. And I need to constantly remind myself that even if it’s taking time now, it will pay off because I know she will bloom and learn quickly when we start riding together. Every baby step is not a waste of time. It’s just slower progress than my ego wants. And that’s okay!

Another thing I always try to keep in mind is that all horses are individuals and one saddle does not fit all. What worked for one horse might not work the same for another. Learning what is the best approach for the horse you are working with will make things go smoother in the end.

Enjoy a peaceful visit to the barn here.

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