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“Untamed” by Glennon Doyle

Get your highlighter ready, because this is one of the most underline-able books ever!  So noteworthy, that it deserves it’s own, new word: underline-able.  This book in one word is: transformational.  Glennon has such a unique way of stringing stories together as seamlessly as a pearl necklace.  (I’ll admit, at times I wonder how she can recall these events and conversations in such great detail.) Each story offers its own brilliant insight, and by the time you’ve finished the book you realize the beauty of the entire necklace is actually in the string that binds the pearls together. 

The buzz-word for 2021 seems to be “resilience.”  And is it any wonder after a year like 2020?  If you’re like the many of us who aim to dive deeper, stay longer, and come to peace with ourselves, then you NEED “Untamed” on your reading list.  I found so much encouragement in this book that I’ve already gifted it to two friends, and counting.  

It’s all too easy for anyone to lose touch with themselves in these fast-paced times, but even more so for women who tend to put everyone else’s needs ahead of our own.  Have you ever felt so out of touch with yourself that you weren’t even sure of the way back?  “Untamed” is that way back, in the form of a clearly lit path with a beautiful view to the top of a mountain where you can find yourself again.  These pages of inspiration are for you if any of these apply:

  • You value others’ opinions, and forget to ask yourself for your own opinion
  • You turn outside of yourself, or to substances, to numb internal discomfort or uncertainty
  • You place more importance on perception and appearance than your inner environment
  • You often think/say ‘I should be happy’ or ‘others have it worse’
  • In the words of Glennon herself, you’ve felt “tamed by shame” (p.46)

Free yourself; read “Untamed!”  The healing comes from within you; “Untamed” just provides the medication, in the form of permission to love your whole, beautiful self. Get ready to build yourself up “by design instead of default” (p.6).

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