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All Are Welcome Here

Misfits unite! At A Crafty Crew we realize the magic of bringing everyone together — quiet writers, dedicated equestrians, weird artists, loving foster parents, individuals committed to yoga practice, and families who nurture wholesome family values. We understand being passionate about your special interests and your creative lifestyle.

We get you!

We’re writers who love being lost in our own heads, immersed in thrilling stories we make up. We’re horse lovers who go to the barn day or night, rain or shine, heat wave or freezing wind. Because being with our horses is our positive energy source and our happy place. We’re artists who wake up at night haunted by exciting new design ideas that won’t go away. We’re the tireless foster parents who put their kids health and happiness ahead of their own. We’re girls who practice yoga in cute tights grunting and groaning with every wonderful stretch.

You’re not alone. You’ve found friends, fans, and family here. We know what it takes to forge ahead when things get hard. We see you driven by dreams that won’t be ignored or forgotten. We’re made from the same stubborn mold as you. We don’t bend or break under pressure. Obstacles make us stronger, more resilient, and even more determined to succeed. Quiet self-confidence combined with pit bull tenacity is our superpower.

Let it shine!

We know you’re awesome. Don’t be shy! Let the rest of the world know it too. At A Crafty Crew we encourage self-expression in all its colorful forms. That free-spirit energy fuels our creative flame. It inspires us to dig deep to create original artwork for our unique apparel, mugs and Eco-totes that speak to you.

Whether you’re sitting in a crowded coffee shop sipping a steaming latte or nestled snug in your bed with a good book, you’re important to us. That’s why we continue to create comforting, feel-good designs to make you feel included and loved.

Our commitment to supporting a strong artistic community doesn’t stop with our feisty fashions or unique accessories. We also strive to nurture your spiritual well being. We inspire productive hands-on activities for all ages by offering smart, fun, easy-to-make, inexpensive craft project tutorials.  

We’re excited to share a new acrylic painting-on-canvas design titled All Are Welcome Here. Watch the how-to video on our YouTube channel. Get your FREE copy of the companion eBook with color pictures, full size pattern and supply list on our website.

Thanks for stopping by. We look forward to sharing more as we continue to support, encourage, and inspire your creative lifestyle.  

Live, Love, Create,

Lisa, Jessie & Niki

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