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Our Story

A Crafty Crew:
Content and Merchandise to Inspire Your Creative Lifestyle

A Crafty Crew began as a small spark of an idea. Our mission is simple: we want to share our unique talents to empower other creatives who share our diverse interests by building a supportive community. Our journey to this point of growth wasn’t fast or easy. We overcame obstacles, we learned to trust our individual visions, and we continually challenge each other to bring the absolute best of ourselves to our work. 

Times are tough, but we won’t allow adversity to shadow our dreams. Here at A Crafty Crew, we’re 3 driven women prepared to encourage everyone through positive attitude and creativity. With passion and focus we can change the world. We kindly ask for your support. Join the crew and let’s get crafty. Please Like, Follow and Share. Help us grow and we will help you live, love and be creative.

Here’s to our bright and happy future.

Live, love, create!

Lisa, Jessie & Niki

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